The most important information:

  • You can register here > Bolt Food registration <.
  • Please provide our name (Appjobs Work) and tax identification number (2050005578).
  • The payment is weekly and costs only PLN 22.
  • Bolt does not charge any commission from the courier!
  • The fee for each delivery in the app is a minimum of 7 PLN. (Pickup 3,50 PLN, Delivery 3,50 PLN, Distance from the restaurant to the customer - 1,50 PLN)
  • If the delivery distance exceeds 4 km, each next kilometre is 1,50 PLN (e.g. if you drove 6 km - you will get 13 PLN). Detailed description here: [PL] / [ENG].
  • The distance is measured from the restaurant to the customer. Every meter you cover on the way to the customer is counted. Bolt does not include the distance you travel to the restaurant.
  • The ability to log into the application at any time (10:00-23: 00), with no schedule in the app.

    Do you have additional questions or want to sign a contract? Contact us at [email protected].

Change of partner

To change the partner, send our signed contract to Bolt Food at [email protected] and add that you want to change to Appjobs. In the subject line add, "partner change" to speed up the process.

Download the Bolt Food app

Contact Bolt Food

If you have any questions related to Bolt Courier, please send an email to [email protected].

Bolt Food and VAT

We split the revenue from the Bolt Food app into two parts:

  • Salary paid by Bolt Operations Estonia
  • Delivery fee for which the customer pays

There is no VAT on the amounts paid by the foreign entity Bolt. We have VAT of 23% on the amounts paid by customers in Poland. This amount will be deducted from your bill.

Working as a Bolt Food courier - partner solution and advantages

Bolt Food is a relatively new service that only works in a few Polish cities. One might even be tempted to say that it is an alternative to the popular and thriving Uber Eats, especially from the customer's point of view. For couriers, this is not only another option but also a good opportunity. The work of the courier is settled at Bolt Food in a very favourable way.

Fixed rates for each collection and delivery, distance covered on the way to the customer, and increase of the orders in the hours of the biggest demand. These are one of the main advantages of Bolt Food. The partner also allows you to make very cheap payments and a simple start to work. The system itself used in this service also allows you to log in at any time (between 10: 00-23: 00). So you work one hundred per cent independently, you do not have a schedule, and you are your own boss.

Partner of Bolt Food

The work of a courier in an application such as Bolt Food can be settled in two ways. Through a sole proprietorship conducted by the working person or partner, i.e. an external company, an intermediary. A billing partner is a company that cooperates directly with the application operator, associating independent couriers and taking care of their formalities. Thanks to cooperation with a partner, you can start work almost immediately. Without worrying about tax issues, accounting, visits to offices or payment of obligatory contributions.

Do you want to start delivering with Bolt Food? Appjobs Work will help you with this!

You don't need to start a business to start working with Bolt Food. We will take care of all the formalities, and the only cost you will incur for this will be the weekly settlement fee. With Appjobs, it is only PLN 22, and remember that Bolt Food does not charge any commission on your salary. Registration is very easy, and you can find a link to it in the "The Most Important Information" section above. The requirements for couriers are only: adulthood, own vehicle (bicycle, scooter, car), a smartphone with Internet access and knowledge of Polish (or English). An agreement with a partner is also necessary, but we will help you with this.

Appjobs Work - Your Bolt Food Partner

Cooperation with Appjobs Work means independence, timely settlements and a guarantee of security. You will start working with us on your own terms. No additional costs, and obligations related to running a business. All you have to do is sign a contract with us and register as a courier. Appjobs is not only a partner of Bolt Food but also many other gig apps. With us, you can work as a courier for several different services at the same time. The only cost is the flat billing rate. If you want to learn more or sign a contract, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.