The most important information

  1. Register at or (preferred option) download the Wolt Courier Partner app and register an account. Then submit your application via the app. If you cannot register an account in the app, it means you already have a customer account with Wolt (blue app), and you need to log in.
  2. Applications are checked individually. If the activation of new couriers in a given city is suspended, or the information selected during the application does not match the current needs, then the application will be temporarily suspended.
    * If the invite message is not coming, it is worth waiting a few days
  3. If activations in a given city are ongoing, the courier automatically receives information about an invitation for an online introduction course with a link.
  4. The introduction course consists of 7 segments. The candidate must view each of them in order to proceed.
    In the "Next steps" segment, the courier learns, among other things, with which partners we cooperate and what the billing process looks like.
  5. Upon completion of the course, the candidate automatically receives a thank you note with a reminder of the next steps. This is the moment when the applicant selects a billing partner from the drop-down list and uploads the contract.

    Important: Incomplete, illegible contracts without signatures, are not accepted in Wolt. If this is the case, the candidate then receives information with a request to fill in the gaps and send it to the email: [email protected]. Make sure you send our contract in PDF to Wolt, without editing, photos or printouts.

  6. After accepting the uploaded documents, you will receive a declaration for signature. The request is sent via Hellosign to the e-mail address provided during registration. If the candidate did not receive the e-mail, the reason might be that is checking another mailbox, or registered with Wolt Courier Partner via Facebook, to which a different address is assigned.

Change partner to Appjobs Work

To change your partner to Appjobs Work, simply send an email to [email protected] stating that you want to change, to Appjobs Work and attach our contract in pdf. The change is quick, usually immediately after the message is read.


After signing the declaration and once the documents are uploaded to the Wolt app, the candidate receives a link to the form through which he will order equipment to home free of charge. A deposit in the amount of PLN 150 is assigned automatically to the account and returned when the entire equipment is returned.
The deposit amount of 150 PLN is blocked on the courier account, which means that the candidate starts cooperation with a -150 PLN balance, and only any money above that is transferred to the partner during billing periods 1-15 and 16-31. The deposit is added to the account after the equipment is returned and changes to +150 PLN.
- By selecting the means of transport, the appropriate bag is automatically selected. Therefore, the courier will not find a question about the type of bag in the form.
- Additional equipment apart from the bag is not mandatory to make deliveries.
- The form can be completed only once.


The Wolt Partner account is already active. In the profile, you will find assigned equipment and deposit. The candidate receives a message summarizing all the information.
After 60 days from the last activity, the account is disabled.

Download the app

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