The most important information:

  1. Register with Uber Eats. Enter your basic information and attach documents.
  2. After you have created the account, please send us an e-mail with your name, city, e-mail address used for registration, and telephone number.
  3. Appjobs commission is only PLN 22 for the billing period!
  4. Every week at the end of the billing period (only if you have worked), you will receive a detailed salary statement from us.
  5. The bag pick-up is on your own - your partner does not organize this. You can buy it in the store.
  6. Uber Eats does not charge a commission from the courier.
  7. The courier's application shows gross amounts (including VAT), so VAT 23% should be deducted from it. Appjobs Work will entirely take care of this. The supplier for further calculation of the remuneration will receive the net amount.

Adding a thermal bag

The bag is essential for making deliveries. To undergo its verification, please send a photo that contains these elements:

  1. The bag in the photo must be visible.
  2. It must be clean and not damaged.
  3. The bag in the photo has to be open to show the thermal insulation.
    *Uninsulated bags will not be accepted.
  4. The identity document needs to be placed on top of the bag.
    Remember that it should be visible in the photo, and the data on the document can be covered.
    *Photos of bags without an identity document will not be accepted.
  5. If you don't have your bag yet, you can buy it here.

Change of partner

In this case, please send us an e-mail with the name, city, e-mail address used for registration and telephone number.

Download the app

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Contact with Uber

  1. The Help tab in the Uber Driver app.
  2. The website. The easiest way is to use this form.
  3. Visit the local office
  4. Make an appointment at

Uber Eats Partner - work as a courier, on your own terms

Uber Eats is one of the most popular couriers and restaurant services in our country, available in many cities. It is a convenient and wide choice for customers, and for you, it is a chance for fully independent work, free from tight schedules. To become a courier and to start earning money, you only need to be of legal age and have your own means of transport. It can be a bicycle, a scooter or a car (permits and vehicle documents are required for registration). In addition, the only requirement is to get the well-known green thermal bag. Your Uber Eats partner - Appjobs Work - will help you with all the necessary formalities!

How to become an Uber Eats courier? Partner or self-employment?

There are two ways to become an Uber Eats courier: partner or your own business. The first option is definitely more advantageous in many aspects. It also allows you to test yourself in such work without taking unnecessary risks. If you work with us, you don't have to set up your own business, so you save yourself a lot of formalities, visits to offices and constant monitoring of taxes, contributions and settlements. You only have to sign a contract, and you will work full-time, without worrying about your own company, the associated obligations and risks. The difference is that you don't have a schedule, and nobody tells you how much or when to work. It all depends on you.

Appjobs Work - Uber Eats partner you can trust

By choosing to work with Appjobs Work, you will not incur any hidden costs. Our conditions are transparent. We also guarantee timely settlements. The drivers and couriers working with us are the most important, which is why we focus on an honest and reliable approach. We have been on the market for a while now. We cooperate with all major gig platforms. We have experience in what we do, and with us, you can also work on several applications simultaneously. As an Uber Eats partner, we offer you simple rules: we take care of the formalities and help you get started, and your cost is only a fixed rate for each billing period (only PLN 22!).

Why is it worth working as an Uber Eats courier? Partner, rates and benefits

The ability to work any day and hour you want. As much as you want and when you want, i.e. total independence. This is the main advantage of working as an Uber Eats courier. However, the partner offers you to use it without worrying about tax issues and helps you to save time-related to starting your own business. Another huge advantage of the courier's work on this platform is weekly settlements. The wages depend only on how much and how intensively you work. The lack of restrictions means that being a courier can also be a part-time job. If you want to start earning with Uber Eats, please contact us today!